Zombie royale io

Dynamics and speed, fascinating plot and excellent graphics - this is what will distinguish this game from all the other multiplayer games. Zombie royale io.io is guaranteed to please everyone, come and experience all its advantages right now. A special plane will take you to your destination, and you will descend to the point of collision by parachute. Do not be afraid of heights, here the landings are guaranteed to end successfully.

After the descent immediately enter into a confrontation and try to find weapons. Most often all sorts of machine guns, machine guns and sniper rifles are in chests and small houses, look for them and add to your store, at the same time you can store up to eight items there. Be careful, buildings in Zombie royale io are dangerous, there may be an ambush. First, carefully survey the area and then enter the house.

If you see the enemy, shoot him without hesitation, otherwise you risk getting an excellent portion of lead from the enemy. Do not stand still and constantly move, the simple will immediately cause the spread of suffocating gas, to be rescued from which only the first-aid kits and potions hidden in chests and houses will help. Control is simple: ASDW keys for walking, left click for shooting and E for lifting items.