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Your life seems to you pretty fresh and uninteresting, or do you just want to spend time for an exciting and entertaining affair? We are glad to offer you a pastime that will necessarily brighten up your leisure time, the name is ZombieRoyale.io. This is a unique survival game, which can be played on the whole screen, only the strongest can survive here. If you do not have enough reaction, skill and skill of the strategist, do not even try to break out into leaders, you can not see the winner's title.

ZombieRoyale.io — this is an excellent online shooter, all kinds of weapons are mass. But do not expect that all weapons will be given to you immediately after the start of the game actions, it will have to be fought for. All kinds of pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and machine guns are safely hidden here. Most often they are in chests or houses. Search them and look for those guns that will lead you to victory over dozens of other, no less purposeful rivals.

Your main task in ZombieRoyale.io is to remain the only survivor in the bloody confrontation among dozens of fighters. The fight will be hot, because each player plays only for himself and all the others for him - an obstacle to achieve the goal. The more enemies you destroy, the more points you earn. Survey every corner of the area and shoot enemies without regret. If after the exterminated enemy the weapon remains, take it away and send it to your warehouse, it is huge, at the same time it can accommodate up to eight barrels, which can be changed easily if necessary.

Take shelter under bushes and trees, because once you stop in the open area, around the protagonist will begin to rise evaporation, which immediately begin to reduce the life figures of the hero. Be always on the move, and for treatment use first-aid kits and potions that will periodically come across on your way. Operate the soldier with the ASDW keys, take the weapon with the E key, shoot with the left click.

Zombie Royale io house

WASD movement.
Click to shoot.
E pick up the item.

Zombie Royale io Grass

Also try not to stop for a second at one place, in ZombieRoyale.io it is very dangerous. As soon as your character stops, or lurks in an ambush, poisonous gas begins to rise around him, which will draw the vital energy of the fighter with maximum speed. Continually move and look for potential enemies, do not try to fight from an ambush. To restore strength, use healing elixirs and first-aid kits that are also in boxes and buildings. If saving potions and medicines are not in stock, go to the safe zone and wait for the reserve to recover.